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We know now through Quantum physics, that the material world around us is not
based on ‘loose’ particles with empty space between them. Now it is shown with
experiments that there is no empty space, all is filled with energy. We live in one
gigantic energy field. This energy field is even bigger then our universe, and probably encompasses all universes. So this means if you move your arm, you ‘push’ aside energy, and this will have an effect throughout the whole field. It is like you’re in a pool and you cause ripples and currents when you splash your arms, not just around you, but in the whole pool. The reality around us is based on different levels of worlds that all are fixed in this field. Your organs are made out of cells, the cells out of cytoplasm, the cytoplasm out of molecules, the molecules out of neutrons, protons, electrons, and these are based on quarks and energy waves.  These are again based on smaller waves and then you will end up in a giant pool of energy. So these all form different levels of worlds that are all formed out of one source. The Quantum Vacuum. We are like icecubes floating in water, made out of the same substance, but are on different levels.

In one study, two molecules were linked in a lab.  They were then split up, but showed that it doesn’t matter how far the molecules are separated, they remain ‘linked’; what happens to one molecule will affect the other.  If they
let the molecule change its spin, immediately the other molecule will also adapt its spin as if it were next to the other molecule while in reality they were miles apart.  Also, time didn’t seem to exist in this field.

Another interesting phenomenon discovered through various experiments is that this “energy field” that fills all of space,  can contain information.  Resonant fields responding to certain tests were shown to have remained even after experiments were over. What they did in the lab had a remaining effect in the field, like it ‘remembered’ what was done during the experiments. Many different laboratories had the same results.

Neurologists, specializing in memory, have started to work with this energy field.  Evidence is currently being gathered to prove that most memory is stored in this
"Quantum vacuum", and not your brain. It is like this field works as a gigantic’memory’ base. The "echo" of something that happened in the vacuum, from a movement to a thought, will cause a ripple in the field.  It seems as though all our thoughts are inprinted in this vacuum.  It doesn’t forget, and all actions that ever were and are now are stored as ripples in the field.  Our brain can tap into this field, and it seems that our own ‘frequency’ will be recorded. Experiments with mice were conducted by burning away little parts of the brain at a time, in hopes to determine were memory lies. The rats would follow mazes, and everytime they burned a part of the brain, the mice still remembered how to walk the maze. Even after burning away 70% of the brain, the mice still knew the way.  They could hardly drag themselves through, and their limb functions were minimum, but the memory remained. Many such experaments were conducted and most show that as long a little part of the brain remained,  its connection with the information remained intact.  It seems that the brain is far more likely to be a transmitter- a link between the information. The brain’s ‘frequency’ seems to mark where the information is stored.  

If this theory is proven correct, it could explain a lot of unexplained phenomena- such as ESP, psychic links, deja vu, telecommunication, and so on.  It seems that some people might be more sensitive to the information stored in this vacuum then others, showing why some seem to have these gifts and others do not.

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