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Reminiscing about the good old days. Me playing guitar in xCLEARx ‘98-‘98.

The farming techniques in Yuanyang County have created a landscape which is truly amazing from the air. These rice fields are located on the slopes of Ailao Mountain, where the terraced levels help create flat surfaces along an uneven landscape.

These selfies were taken moments before death.

Jadiel took this final picture of himself moments before a motorcycle accident claimed his life.

After a drunken night with friends Oscar posed with a gun and tried to take a selfie. The gun accidentally went off, killing him.

A Polish couple vacationing in Portugal fell to their deaths while taking selfies at the cliffs of Cabo Da Roca pictured above.

Karen was trying to take a selfie near the El Tunal river in Mexico. Instead she slipped and fell into the river, drowning.

These two women crashed their car while trying to shoot a video of them singing. Luckily they survived the crash, and even took another selfie en route to the hospital.

Earlier this year a 21-year-old man in Jaén, Spain was electrocuted and killed after climbing onto the top of a train to take a selfie.

The two took this photo right before the takeoff of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, which was shot down with no survivors over eastern Ukraine.

Mexican pop star Jenni Rivera took this picture with her crew right before takeoff. Their private jet crashed and killed them all.

These two friends were headed to a bachelorette when this picture was taken. Not a minute later they were struck, and Collette was killed in a head on collision.

This 17-year-old Russian girl lost her balance taking a picture on a bridge. She fell on a cable and was fatally electrocuted.

I hope my baby is as rad as this one.

weightzombie asked: I've finally found a tattoo page in the same state I'm in. I've checked out your page and I am impressed! Good work! Bonus: you're good looking too! Looking forward to seeing more posts of tats.

Awesome!  Thank you so much! Hahaha I’ll definitely be posting more.  Thanks for your nice message! :)